Tuesday, 9 August 2011

He asked me to marry him.

Well girls... he got down on one knee. It was a beautiful day and he had taken me for a surprise day out to a National Trust property with beautiful gardens. Then he went silent for about half an hour as we walked around the grounds while, I later found out, he was deliberating which would be the most truly romantic spot.

And of course, I said yes; without a shadow of a doubt. (Not that diving headlong into new things is a character trait or anything). I have so much admiration for Dan: his generosity, his genuine love and concern for his friends, his wisdom and support. I haven't counted, but I think I probably have looked at my ring about 30 times a day on average ever since. Dan was very quick to reassure me that he managed to get a 2 year damage warantee on it, so it is safe in my hands!

We have enjoyed everyone's brilliant responses. I feel quite overwhelmed by so much support. Thank you all for your texts. Here are a few of our favourites...

“DP, Cat, my spy sources inform me congratulations are in order. Whoop whoop! Excellent!"

“Amazing! So weird, was just talking about you two with D*** H***** yesterday wondering when [Dan] would pop the question. Incredible news for you both”

“Waouw, felicitations. J'espere qu'on se verra bientot pour feter ça!”

“Ahhhhh AMAZING!!!!!! Cat, massive CONGRATS!!!!! Super pleased for you guys. I will take romantic shots of you on the sailing trip. x x x x x”

“Hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray x million! Congratulations!! You two are wonderful, you are literally going to laugh your way through life. Want to hear the “story!”

"On a scale of 1 to excited-im excited! :-D x"

"Cat!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Can you send out a big long fb message with all the details for those of us abroad?? I want to know all about where you were when he asked and when you think the big day will be and EVERYTHING! xx"

"Felicidades. :-) Noticias fenomenal. Well done."

“Haha good work DP. I knew you wouldn't screw it up”

“So excited. Have just had a little blub and missed the turn on the roundabout! Just realised what your initials will be...”

"Congratulations DP. She must be deaf and blind"

And many many more.

Being engaged feels completely different to going out. Suddenly, all our individual plans for the future that we have each thought about or discussed, are now becoming solid plans for a life together. I'm so excited about the challenge of building a lifelong relationship that remains strong throughout the years to come, even when it's tough, and that can bless those around us. We have so many amazing friends and I'm excited about being able to have our own home where they can always be welcome to be part of our lives.
It still feels a bit poncy referring to him as my fiancé, although I appreciate reference to French!

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  1. Congrats to you both. I have posted on Dan's blog in the hope of some inside tips. There is a time and a place for us guys to stick together! And fiance sounds so much better than 'other half' or the dreaded 'partner' that makes you sound as if you have just set up a law firm. Oh, and no more Uncle Trevor. I get my buss pass next year and in the hope that I may get to your wedding with it, the combination of bus pass plus wife's niece's wedding may be more than I can bear! Lol to you both. Shalom.